Online Video Conference Event


October 25-27, 2018

Bishop George Bloomer

About Warfarecology

The hooves of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse are galloping at one time. God left the church to his prophets and apostles. The kingdom of darkness has become so crafty that when you explain something is going on in the supernatural no one believes it (Acts 13:40). The rise of a different cultural character in personality is on the face of the earth. People are soft but unapologetic…organically evil.

The General of Spiritual Warfare is inviting all Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, prayer warriors, intercessors and leaders to this clarion call. It is time to stand on your watch. Warfarecology 2018 is 3 spiritually impactful days to help you gain I.N.T.E.L. (Inside National Territories Exposing Legions).

Registration includes conference admission, all day sessions and Breakfast with the General of Spiritual Warfare Bishop George Bloomer.


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Event Itinerary

Thursday October 25

12:00 pm: “The General’s Briefing”
Bishop George Bloomer - The General of Spiritual Warfare

6:00 pm: “Women in Ministry”
Prophet Taketa Williams- Moderator
- Pastor Sandra Riley
- Pastor Angelic Simmons
- Pastor Azizah Morrison
- Evangelist Melanie Pichon
- Pastor Cheryl Powell
- Dr. Kimberly Moore
- Pastor Debra Jordan
- Lady Andria S. Hudson

7:30 pm: “The Wine Cellar”
Bishop Tiff McCarter
Bishop Darnell Dixon
Sir Walter Mack

Friday October 26

12:00 pm: “The General’s Briefing”
Bishop George Bloomer - The General of Spiritual Warfare

6:00 pm: Conversation with Carlton Pearson

6:30 pm: “Prophetic Theology”
Bishop Demetrius Sinegal - Moderator
- Carlton Pearson
- Tim Rogers
- Claude Cline
- Apostle S. JaNine Hyman, Ph.D, Th.D
- Archbishop Dennis Golphin, Ph.D, Th.D
- Apostle Winston Cooper
- Apostle Brian Keith Williams
- Apostle Clayton Cowart

7:30 pm: “The Wine Cellar”
Bishop Kevin Williams
Prophet Eric Okaura
Bishop George Bloomer

10:00 pm: “The College of Prophets” 

Saturday October 27

9:00 am: “Prophetic Presbyter”

7:30 pm: “Wine Cellar”
Ambassador Sharon Edmond
Pastor Tracey Troy
Apostle John Bennett