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The Prophetic Life

Emma Stark - Encounter The Firey Holiness Of Almighty God!


Up Next in Season 1

  • Clay Nash - Vivid Prophetic Dreams Ab...

    Prophet clay nash shares powerful, prophetic and vivid dreams about the future of america

    Clay nash's dreams are shocking. Why?

    Because judgment is not god's only option when it comes to america.

    Will it be mercy or judgment? This rests in the hands of god's people.

  • Dennis and Jen Clark - What Don't We ...

    What aren't we seeing the power of god like the early church did?

    Valid question!

    I believe drs dennis and jen clark carry a supernatural strategy, linked to the "Lost teaching of the apostles" that will plug the church back into its supernatural power source.

    Get ready for a shocking revelat...

  • Robert Henderson - Resetting Economie...

    Resetting economies and releasing wealth for kingdom impact - feat. Robert henderson

    For too long, the church has resisted talk of wealth and finances.

    Often when people mention "Money" in church, there is immediate resistance.

    Why? We identify people's spirituality by either how poor or ric...