The Prophetic Life

The Prophetic Life

20 Episodes

What is God saying right now? Larry Sparks, publisher of Destiny Image, hosts conversations with prophetic Christian leaders from around the world. They discuss what the Lord is saying to the church in this very moment.

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The Prophetic Life
  • Christy Johnston - Prophetic Solutions to the Crisis and Chaos Around You!

    Episode 1

    From the current global crisis to whatever circumstances you are facing in your personal life, the fact remains—we need supernatural help and solutions to overcome adversity and see the Kingdom of God advance.
    Christy Johnston is a prophet and watchman intercessor who teaches everyday believers ...

  • Kynan Bridges - A Prophetic Dream About Donald Trump and the Future of Nations!

    Episode 2

    Pastor, author and apostolic leader, Kynan Bridges received a fresh call to pray and intercede for President Donald J. Trump after having this powerful and shocking dream. You won't want to miss it!
    Not only does Pastor Kynan share this dream, but he also releases a spiritual assignment for all ...

  • Jessi Green - Is Another 'Jesus People Movement' Breaking Out?

    Episode 3

    God is moving in the midst of crisis and chaos.

    In this exclusive interview, Jessi Green of Saturate OC and leader on the frontlines of revival in California shares about how the god of revival is breaking out on the beautiful beaches of southern CA.

    Thousands are being saved, healed, delivere...

  • Steve Witt - Is Life In America About To Radically Change?

    Episode 4

    20 years ago, this pastor received a REVELATION that in 2020, an invasion from China would change the way we do church.
    Pastor Steve Witt, senior leader of Bethel Church in Cleveland, Ohio, shares what he believes the Holy Spirit is speaking to us RIGHT NOW.
    Yes, everything is changing -...

  • Paul Keith & Amy Davis - Visions, Dreams, & Revelation Of What's Coming!

    Episode 5

    Paul Keith and Amy Davis are powerful prophetic leaders who bring a NOW word from Heaven to encourage you in the days ahead.
    Join us for a dynamic time of prophetic revelation from two people who are truly friends of the Holy Spirit.

  • Tracy Cooke - 7 Angels Have Come

    Episode 6

  • Jennifer LeClaire - Disturbing Dream Of Witchcraft

    Episode 7

    What is a "False Prophet?"

    Does giving a false prophecy mean someone is a false prophet?

    What is Charismatic Witchcraft?

    Are there "Christian witches and psychics?"
    This is not a invitation...

  • Larry Sparks - Prophetic Word: "California & The Third Missing Move Of God!"

    Episode 8

    Prophetic Word: "California And The Third Missing Move Of God!"

    In February, The Holy Spirit Gave Me A Prophetic Word Concerning California Being A "Resurrection State."

    Although It Seems Spiritually Dark And The Government Oppressive To Christianity, The Destiny Of California Holds A Key To ...

  • Jordan Rubin - An Ancient Spiritual Discipline to Revolutionize Your Entire Life

    Episode 9

    Jordan Rubin Shares an ANCIENT SECRET to a full-life revolution!

    As the bestselling author of "The Maker's Diet" and "Essential Oils," Jordan Rubin has firsthand experience with health plans and programs that are life-changing.

    Experience this ANCIENT PRACTICE that will take your health journey...

  • Ana Werner - It's Time For Deliverance And Dominion!

    Episode 10

    Special Invitation from Larry Sparks and Ana Werner
    Join Larry + Mercedes Sparks and Ana Werner for the "GREAT LIGHT" Conference in TOPEKA Kansas, October 16 + 17



  • Robert Henderson - Resetting Economies And Releasing Wealth For Kingdom Impact

    Episode 11


    For too long, the church has resisted talk of wealth and finances.

    Often when people mention "money" in church, there is immediate resistance.

    WHY? We identify people's spirituality by either how POOR or RIC...

  • Hank Kunneman - How To Hear Words That Come From The Throne Room Of Heaven!

    Episode 12

    How to HEAR words that come from the THRONE ROOM of Heaven! (feat. Hank Kunneman)

    What does a "Throne Room" prophecy sound like?

    Is it possible for people to pick OTHER spiritual intel in the airways—that's NOT always from God?

    What's the difference between a TRUE PROPHET and a FALSE PROPHET?

  • Mario Murillo - Will Donald Trump Be Re-Elected in November?

    Episode 13

    How to prepare for the days of turmoil and unrest that are ahead.

    "The people of God are tired. Weary from the unceasing barrage of polls, pundits, politicians, and prophets. Every newscast, instead of delivering the news, just has people screaming at each other..." -Mario Murillo

    WHAT IS GOD ...

  • Lana Vawser, Tim Sheets - End Of The World? Or the Start Of A "New Era?"

    Episode 14


    Prophetic words and insight from Lana Vawser and Tim Sheets.

    In times of shaking and crisis, many look for apocalyptic doom and destruction. Surely, it's the end of the world!

    WHAT IF the shaking and crisis were signs that the OLD was ENDING...

  • Emma Stark - Encounter The Firey Holiness Of Almighty God!

    Episode 15

    Encounter the FIREY HOLINESS of ALMIGHTY GOD! (Feat. Emma Stark)

    In this time of crisis, EVERYTHING is SHAKING. Perhaps one of the most significant things that is changing and shifting is HOW WE SEE and APPROACH GOD.

    Could it be that we have missed measures of His Presence and Glory because of...

  • Clay Nash - Vivid Prophetic Dreams About the Future of America

    Episode 16

    Prophet clay nash shares powerful, prophetic and vivid dreams about the future of america

    Clay nash's dreams are shocking. Why?

    Because judgment is not god's only option when it comes to america.

    Will it be mercy or judgment? This rests in the hands of god's people.

  • Dennis and Jen Clark - What Don't We See the Power of God Like the Early Church?

    Episode 17

    What aren't we seeing the power of god like the early church did?

    Valid question!

    I believe drs dennis and jen clark carry a supernatural strategy, linked to the "Lost teaching of the apostles" that will plug the church back into its supernatural power source.

    Get ready for a shocking revelat...

  • Robert Henderson - Resetting Economies & Releasing Wealth for Kingdom Impact

    Episode 18

    Resetting economies and releasing wealth for kingdom impact - feat. Robert henderson

    For too long, the church has resisted talk of wealth and finances.

    Often when people mention "Money" in church, there is immediate resistance.

    Why? We identify people's spirituality by either how poor or ric...

  • Larry Sparks - You Were Made to Have the Upper Hand Over Satan!

    Episode 19

    You Were Made to Have the "Upper Hand" Over the Powers of Satan and Darkness! Discover How.

    Dominion, Part 3
    In Matthew 16, Jesus Reveals God's Timeless Solution to the Chaos and Crisis That Darkness Brought Into the World.

    Yes, Adam Partnered With Satan in the Garden of Eden, Giving Him D...

  • Canon Andrew White - He Carries Smith Wigglesworth's Bible Across The World

    Episode 20


    Andrew White, the vicar of Baghdad, has been in some of the most dangerous "war zones" on the planet. And yet, he discovered that it's possible to create zones of glory...