The Makers Diet Ecourse

The Makers Diet Ecourse

11 Episodes

Addiction. Destructive behaviors. Anxiety. Negative thoughts. Unhealthy diet. Many people live with these things, and call it normal.

But this is not God’s plan for your life! He wants to help you break through these barriers and experience the life you have always dreamed of! What if you could change your life in just 10 days?

New York Times bestselling author and America's Biblical Health Expert Jordan Rubin shows you how. Access to a timeless key that will unlock your total transformation, setting you on course to fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

In the Maker's Diet mini e-course, Jordan Rubin breaks the ten-day experience into short, daily inspirational videos, readings, and interactive prayers that will…
launch you into a healthy, flourishing lifestyle
empower you to break addictions
teach you to completely rely on God’s strength.
bring you closer to God.
… and much more!

Get ready to experience your spiritual, emotional, and physical transformation!

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The Makers Diet Ecourse