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The Healing Creed Masterclass

The Healing Creed Masterclass

12 Episodes

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Do you believe in Jesus the Healer? Many Christians confess, “I believe in Jesus, the Son of God, the Savior, the Redeemer.” But what about Jesus the Healer? Could it be that believers today are not experiencing the fullness of Heaven’s healing power because they have ignored this vital, ancient identity of Jesus? 'The Healing Creed' is a revolutionary teaching that shows you how to believe in, activate, and experience the supernatural demonstration of Jesus’ healing power.

Through a blend of practical teaching and powerful, first-hand healing testimonies, you will learn to:
- Apply the Blood Covenant of Jesus and release miracles into impossible situations
- Appropriate the redemptive work provided by the Cross over every curse and disease
- Activate the faithful healing promises of God and stand firm against sickness
- Access the untapped healing power of repentance and forgiveness
- Authoritatively Pray against sickness with confidence to release victorious healing

Put the Healing Creed to work in your life and experience the miracle-working power of Jesus today!

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The Healing Creed Masterclass