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Supernaturally Prophetic Masterclass

Supernaturally Prophetic Masterclass

14 Episodes

Every believer has received the Holy Spirit and the ability to hear God’s prophetic voice. God is always speaking; the question is are you listening?
The first step to hearing God is discovering that you are already supernaturally prophetic!
Prophet John Veal shows how you can become more in-tune with God’s voice. Through powerful teaching and transparent testimony, Veal’s guidance will help you navigate the realm of the Spirit with precision and clarity!
Supernaturally Prophetic will help you…
Develop your God-given prophetic “DNA.”
Operate within Biblical prophetic etiquette and protocol.
Identify wrong prophetic motives.
Avoid deception while prophesying.
Recognize truly prophetic churches.
Access deeper realms of the prophetic.

Hearing God speak supernaturally can become normal for you! Unlock your prophetic DNA today!

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Supernaturally Prophetic Masterclass