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Staying Together Masterclass

Staying Together Masterclass

12 Episodes

Couples face some daunting marriage statistics these days. When so many marriages fail, how do you know yours won’t?
So, now what? What’s next for your marriage?
Staying Together is a unique Masterclass that’s been created for you to experiance as a couple. Together, you’ll hear from us and what we’ve learned over more than 40 years of marriage, as well as from other couples whose marriages have endured heartbreak, hardship, and even infidelity. You’ll hear about their solutions and healing, applicable to your marriage oneness.
You will be confronted with questions about what it looks like to walk out your vows on a daily basis as life partners. Whether it’s communication, trust, or sex; money, loss, or mission; kids, jobs, or insecurities, Staying Together has insight on how to better navigate waters when they’re rough and better enjoy them when they’re smooth.
Whether you’ve been married for months, years, or decades, now is the time to make sure you’re in a marriage that’s not just surviving, but thriving.

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Staying Together Masterclass