Sprouting With Steve - Sprouting & Microgreens

Sprouting With Steve - Sprouting & Microgreens

Receive The Knowledge To Start Living A Healthier Life! This course contains hours of video teachings and how-to's to start sprouting and growing microgreens in your own home!

- Begin sprouting with the ABC's. This 4 part module includes 29 videos covering the 'start to finish' growing, caring for and finishing all types of seeds!

- Growing microgreens has never been made easier! In this 13 video module you'll watch as I grow many different seeds, in several different mediums, to the microgreen stage in organic soil.

- Every seed I grow in this course you'll have direct access to purchase through this hyper-linked bonus page. Not only can you direct buy these seeds...you'll learn about each seed, it's benefits, taste, growing characteristics, and germination time.

- Our last bonus module includes a product supply PDF with direct links to all supplies, an 'Additional Resource' section, and 4 free e-books on sprouting, juicing, and overall better health.

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Sprouting With Steve - Sprouting & Microgreens

50 Videos