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Preparing for the Glory
John & Carol Arnott

A fresh move of God is on the horizon!

In the midst of fear, conflict, and unrest, a great Kingdom light is piercing through the darkness. Since the Day of Pentecost, this light of Holy Spirit outpouring has been increasing in brightness and will soon break forth in an unprecedented outpouring of supernatural glory.

Are you prepared for what God wants to release in these last days?

Revival leaders John and Carol Arnott personally mentor you through eight video sessions, introducing you to refreshing spiritual practices that usher you into deeper encounters with Holy Spirit, positioning you for the historic outpouring that is coming.

Learn how to pray with prophetic words that announce the purposes and promises of God for increased outpouring. Discover keys to staying hungry for God by maintaining a passionate desire for His presence, no matter how spiritually dry or distant you feel. Press in for deeper experiences with the Spirit by “feeding” yourself on supernatural testimonies of God’s work. Embrace the fear of the Lord as the key that unlocks an increase of glory manifestations, unusual miracles, and Holy Spirit fire.

Prepare your life to be a resting place for the Holy Spirit in this historic hour of glory, presence, and miracles!


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