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Living the God-Breathed Life Ecourse

Living the God-Breathed Life Ecourse

5 Episodes

Learning to be present with Christ at His table of bounty brings you a life full of peace, power, and presence. You are invited to dine in His presence of acceptance where you can let go of all your burdens and meet Him face-to-face for a heart-to heart relationship.
Living the God-Breathed Life is divided into three inspirational parts:
The Conversation—spiritual conformation
The Table—personal transformation
The Encounter—with your living Christ
The God-Breathed life removes "What if", "I should" and "ought to" and invites us to a more face-to-face and hands-on experience of God; Living the God-Breathed Life is scripturally sound and consistent. It is the realm of life and living God always intended to enjoy with you.
Insightful “Join the Journey” questions at the end of each chapter and an interactive final chapter guide you in experiencing the truths presented through powerful personal times with God.

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Living the God-Breathed Life Ecourse