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His Manifest Presence Ecourse

His Manifest Presence Ecourse

6 Episodes

Everyone longs for peace of mind. The majority of our time and efforts are spent pursuing financial, emotional, or spiritual security.
But Scripture speaks of only One ultimate hiding place—the Manifest Presence of God.
Renowned author and pastor, Don Nori has been a persistent advocate for the Presence of Jesus within the heart of every believer. His personal experience and keen insights are evident in this incredibly revealing teaching series.
In His Manifest Presence, you will find:
Abiding, interactive relationship with God.
A refuge from the coming storm.
The place where genuine worship touches God.
How the constant miraculous can be a daily experience.
His fullness manifested in your heart.
Discover the place where His Manifest Presence genuinely rules your heart. The truths in this series will change your life forever!

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His Manifest Presence Ecourse