Hearing God's Voice Today

Hearing God's Voice Today

12 Episodes

What are the ways that God speaks today? How do I know that what I am hearing is from God? As a believer in Jesus, one of the most important foundations you can build is how to hear God’s voice and apply it to your life today. Whether you are a new believer or have been walking with God for years, this study guide will give you practical tools to grow in recognizing the many ways God speaks. Lessons include: Walking in Our Kingdom Birthright, Ten Practical Personal Tools, Hearing with Discernment, Properly Responding to God’s Voice, and more. God wants you to have ears to hear, and to understand what He is saying so you can put it into practice.

God longs for a deeper, more intimate relationship with you. When we pray, He listens. Always. But do you listen for His response? Hearing God is a privilege and delight available to every child of God. But what does it mean to hear God? How do we know it’s Him?

This class shares biblical principles about prayer and demonstrates how to live your life with an expectant heart. Featuring practical tools and real-life illustrations, this class will equip you to:

draw near to God
trust that He wants to speak to you
recognize His voice
overcome obstacles that block His voice
avoid being misled by words that do not come from Him
God is speaking to you today. Grow in assurance that He wants you to hear. As you work through these lessons and apply them to your life, your faith will be activated and stirred to hear God in new ways and Obey what He is saying!

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Hearing God's Voice Today