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Grace At the Table Ecourse

Grace At the Table Ecourse

6 Episodes

Most of our problems in relationships stem from the fact that we do not truly understand the other person, so rather than responding to the needs within the relationship, we react based on circumstances and expectations.
The solution: compassion. Compassion is experienced when we can see the other person for who they really are. We will use the metaphor of the table to describe the nature and restoration of relationships.
The purpose of this course is to help believers see through obstacles that cloud and compromise relationships. While this course focuses on the marriage relationship, the principles found in this simple approach relate to any kind of relationship—marriage, friendship, work, and even intercultural relationships. Relationships of all kinds encounter obstacles that can be overcome through compassion.
How Does This Course Work?
This course is ideal for both couples and small groups. Course teaching is broken down into six video sessions. The teaching in these sessions is supplemented with accompanying study guide material. It is suggested that you have the study guide on hand while viewing the video sessions.

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Grace At the Table Ecourse