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God's Prophetic Symbolism Ecourse

God's Prophetic Symbolism Ecourse

4 Episodes

Through 4 eye-opening video teaching sessions, God's Prophetic Symbolism in Everyday Life Teaching Series will open your eyes to how God is constantly speaking to you through what’s around you.
Teachers Adam F. Thompson and Adrian Beale follow their bestselling work, The Divinity Code to Hearing God's Voice Through Your Dreams, with revelatory insights about the prophetic language that God speaks through everyday signs, symbols and pictures!
Learn how to:
Tune your prophetic senses to hear the ever-speaking voice of the Holy Spirit
Open your spiritual eyes to discern what God is saying to you through everyday occurrences
Discern the supernatural meaning of unusual coincidences
Operate in the prophetic and seer anointings.
Open your eyes and ears to the prophetic language of the Holy Spirit! 

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God's Prophetic Symbolism Ecourse