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Katherine Ruonala & Glory City Church

Katherine Ruonala & Glory City Church

2 Seasons

Katherine Ruonala shares a practical message of love and hope to the nations. Reaching across denominational walls, her ministry is used to spread the fires of revival and ignite a fresh passion in the hearts of believers to go deeper in their relationship with God. Katherine carries a strong prophetic and miracle anointing with many experiencing instant healing in her meetings.

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Katherine Ruonala & Glory City Church
  • Heaven's Love Culture

    Episode 1

    As we meditate and act out our identity as true children of God who have God's love in our hearts, we will permeate to the world what God's love and nature is like.

  • Divine Rest With God

    Episode 2

    There is a place of absolute freedom from all worry and concern. By leaning on God as your caretaker you can walk your life unaffected by the concerns of this life.