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Study with Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Beni Johnson, and more!

  • Bill Johnson - Open Heavens 2017

  • Bill Johnson - An Unusual Christmas Message

    In this unusual Christmas message, Pastor Bill Johnson talks about bitterness, jealousy, grace, and God's amazing goodness.

  • Bill Johnson - Open Heavens 2017

  • Shifting Atmospheres Ecourse

    1 season

    The atmosphere around you is alive with unseen spiritual activity—a battle between forces of darkness and light. You can take dominion over the supernatural environment for the Kingdom of God!
    Dawna De Silva presents a strategy for spiritual victory. Get ready to discern the enemy's tactics and l...

  • The Book of Healing Masterclass

    1 season

    The enemy often uses seasons of suffering as opportunities to speak lies about God, yourself, and your situations. If not confronted, these lies can create life-long wounds.
    Traditionally, the book of Job is read as an account of suffering. But Teresa Liebscher, co-founder of Sozo, invites you to...

  • Hosting The Presence Ecourse

    1 season

    Prepare for the ultimate assignment…
    Have you ever wondered:
    If God’s Presence is inside of me, how does that impact my life?
    If Jesus is my model, can I also walk in miracles and power?
    If the Holy Spirit is always with me, how can I hear and respond to Him?
    In this eight-week curriculum—ideal ...