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Study with Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Beni Johnson, and more!

  • Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind Ecourse

    1 season

    Are you ready to experience the miraculous lifestyle that Jesus made available to you because of the Cross?

    Many Christians believe in miracles, but they are not accessing the supernatural as a normal way of life. Is this you? Are you ready to experience the miraculous lifestyle that Jesus made ...

  • Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry Ecourse

    1 season

    The gift of prophecy is not reserved for a super-spiritual, elite group of Christians. Scripture promised that in the last days, the Holy Spirit would be poured out and the people of God would prophesy. This is the hour. This is your time.
    If you are a Christian, the Holy Spirit lives inside of y...

  • Joy of Intercession Ecourse

    1 season

    When you think of intercession, what comes to mind? For many Christians, intercession and prayer have become a drudgery rather than a delight. Get ready to revolutionize your prayer life and approach God in a fresh new way through this powerful curriculum.
    Beni Johnson is committed to showing bel...

  • God Is Good Ecourse

    1 season

    "God is Good." More than a positive thought, theological concept, or Biblical statement what you do with these three words defines your reality and determines your destiny. 
In a world of fear, disease, crisis, torment, uncertainty, and hopelessness, what you believe about God s goodness reveals ...

  • The Way of Life

    1 season

    Bill Johnson, respected pastor, bestselling author and senior leader of Bethel Church, lives in a culture of the miraculous. In his groundbreaking new book, The Way of Life, he shares not as a theological spectator, but as an active participant in a historic move of God that has been sweeping the...

  • The Way of Life Conference

    1 season

    Pastor Bill Johnson highlights key points from his message on The Way of Life. He shares not as a theological spectator, but as an active participant in a historic move of God that has been sweeping the nations.

    From over 40 years of personal experience with the Holy Spirit, Bill mentors you on...

  • Living From The Presence Ecourse

    1 season

    Every follower of Jesus has received the Holy Spirit. If you have given your life to Christ, you have His very Presence living inside of you.  And yet, there is still more!
 What if the same Spirit Who lives inside of you could work through you with miraculous power? What if the Holy Spirit was m...

  • Supernatural Ways of Royalty Ecourse

    1 season

    To experience the full inheritance that Jesus purchased at the cross, you must understand your royal identity.
    In this new e-course companion to the classic bestselling book, Kris Vallotton denounces those strongholds of thought that have kept many Christians from enjoying their supernatural inhe...

  • The Power of Communion Ecourse

    1 season

    For centuries, the Church has observed the Lord’s Supper as part of corporate worship, instituted by Jesus Himself. But for many Christians today, this tradition can be a confusing ritual. Are we missing something in this ancient sacrament?

    Beni and Bill Johnson—bestselling authors and senior l...

  • Healthy and Free Workout Series

    1 season

    Your healthy and free lifestyle is just one decision away: exercise.
    The question: Why is “exercise” such a bad word?
    Our excuses include: “I don’t have the time.” “I don’t know what to do.” And maybe one of the most honest, “I just don’t want to!”
    In this workout series, Beni Johnson gives you f...

  • Healthy and Free Ecourse

    1 season

    When you go into the average church and say "raise your hand if you'd like to be physically healed" 98% of the hands go up. Something is wrong! God told Beni Johnson how to fix it. Are you interested?
    Beni Johnson shares from her own experiences and encourages us that when choosing a healthy life...

  • Danny Silk - Catch The Fire Conference 2019 (Saturday Morning)

  • Danny Silk - Catch The Fire Conference 2019 (Saturday Evening)

  • A Fireside Chat with Bill & Beni Johnson

    Pastors Bill and Beni Johnson share personal stories of their time with God.

  • Bill Johnson and Catch The Fire Worship - Revival 25 Conference (Session 7)

  • Bill Johnson - Heaven Come Conference 2018

  • Bill Johnson - Jesus Culture - Encounter Conference 2018

  • Bill Johnson - The Resting Place

  • Iris After Hours - Bill Johnson

  • Bill Johnson- The War in Your Head

  • Bill Johnson - Open Heaven

  • Bill Johnson - Open Heaven

  • Bill Johnson - Virtue of Thankfulness

  • Bill Johnson, Lou Engle, Benny Hinn, Michael Koulianos - JESUS '16 PANEL