Founder's Day - Don Nori Sr.

Founder's Day - Don Nori Sr.

In 1982, Pastor and Prophet Don Nori Sr. birthed Destiny Image with this vision: “We publish the prophets.”

All of these years later, we are still following this Holy Spirit-inspired assignment, but I want to provide perhaps a bigger picture and larger scope to it.

Pastor Don was doing more than simply publishing books written by prophets or prophetic authors; he was actually announcing moves of God through print (and now, through print and all forms of media). Through a visitation of the Holy Spirit he had in a vehicle, Don received a divine download for Destiny Image—a company that must always be concerned about what's on God's heart.

Don and the Destiny Image team were on the threshold of major moves of God that have defined Christianity over the last 39 years, calling the church, truly, back into her destiny—display the full image of Jesus to the world through the supernatural power of the Spirit.

In the 1980's, Destiny Image published books that would become foundational pillars for the modern prophetic movement. Moving into the 1990's, there was a global emphasis on revival and Holy Spirit outpouring, which Destiny Image captured by establishing a unique imprint called Revival Press. The objective was to publish all books authored by leaders who were on the frontlines of revival, from Pensacola to the United Kingdom to Toronto. Shifting into the 2000’s, there was a fresh emphasis on the message “every believer gets to operate in the gifts and power of the Spirit.”

Now, in 2022, we are confident as ever in the assignment to be announcing through all media platforms that the “next great move of God” is here... and it's increasing! We are grateful to work with the mothers and fathers of the faith that the Lord has raised up over the years. But also, it is our great joy to partner with the Holy Spirit and follow Pastor Don Nori's protocol of identifying "unknowns" who carry a now-word of the Lord to this generation, moving in purity and power.

Where are things headed? God Himself gave us the most accurate “end times prophecy” imaginable when He said in Joel 2 (and later repeated in Acts 2) that in the last days, He would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. Yes, there will be trials and crises, but in the middle of it all, we are committed to building an engine for global revival and Holy Spirit outpouring that will help connect billions of souls to salvation in Jesus and empower believers to bring supernatural transformation to whatever sphere of influence they are assigned to.

Founder's Day - Don Nori Sr.