Deliverance from Darkness

Deliverance from Darkness

14 Episodes

This Deliverance from Darkness class is part of the Chamber of Action Series: Empowered for Ministry | Experiencing Power. Christians are to release the Lord’s powerful presence into the world where we live, blazing forth His light, vanquishing the darkness and delivering its captives. But how do we do these things? This class answers this question, shining the bright wisdom and insight of God’s Word onto the complex subject of deliverance. Through this accessible and easy-to-use material, you will learn how to:

Recognize demonic entities and their strategies
Equip yourself to overcome the demonic
Keep yourself refreshed during the fight
Bring healing through blessing
This class’ action-oriented approach walks you step by step through the process of freeing both yourself and others from obstacles through the authority you have in Jesus Christ. Now is the time to claim that authority and discover the Lord’s battle plan for you – an overcomer.

Do you need tools to battle the enemy’s plans and schemes? This series is full of Scriptures with practical applications for every believer. The lessons contained in this class are some of James W. Goll’s favorite teachings. Why? They produce fruit and fruit that remains! Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

You will be exposed to more than just detailed scriptural understandings on Characteristics of Demons, Preparations for Deliverance and Deliverance Made Easy. Additional subjects like Truth and Tactics of Temptation and the Father’s Heart are also accented. Yes, the work that Jesus did on the cross is perfect and complete. Let’s rise up in faith and exercise our God granted authority over these hindering, temporary powers of darkness. Get prepared to be victorious. Take up your sword of the Spirit and proclaim, “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”

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Deliverance from Darkness