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  • Approaching Armageddon

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    In Approaching Armageddon, Steve Wohlberg takes a detailed look at the Word of God, shedding a very hopeful light on this hour in history and revealing what is to come. He explains how chaotic world events are now fulfilling Bible prophecy, that God is fully in charge, and that there is a very re...

  • Declare War on Fear

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    In a world rife with challenges and uncertainties, fear often sneaks its way into our lives, distorting our perspectives and preventing us from embracing the extraordinary moments that await us. In the compelling and transformative video series titled "Declare War on Fear," journey alongside Jere...

  • Days of Awakening LIVE: Experiencing Revival

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    Embark on a relentless pursuit of God's presence and experience a spiritual awakening!

    With dynamic speakers, soul-stirring worship, and a fervent anticipation of God's outpouring, this conference will set your heart ablaze, igniting an unstoppable passion to be part of the next great revival th...

  • Lessons From Eve | MiChelle Ferguson

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    Do you often find yourself feeling trapped by your past experiences? Do you constantly compare yourself to others and struggle with feelings of inadequacy? It's time to address the attacks on your self-worth that stem from the negativity of the world, preventing you from embracing the life God tr...