Redefining Rhema

"Ed Delph and David Lake have delivered a work that will position you to hear words from heaven and release the transformation strategies of the Kingdom into whatever sphere you are called to in this season." - Lance Wallnau

You are a conduit for God's Freshly-Spoken Words!

In the beginning, God spoke and created life! This same God is still speaking today, and His Word is just as powerful. As a believer, you were created to receive and release these freshly-spoken God-words into the world. This kind of timely, faith-infused word from God is called rhema.

Speaking a faith-infused utterance from God unleashes Divine purposes. These powerful revelations are expected as you continue to recognize God's voice and share His words.

Ed Delph and David Lake challenge you to upgrade your understanding and application of rhema. First, learn to discern God's will by receiving His words and understanding His purposes. Then, speak His message with clarity and conviction—declaring fresh messages from God for yourself and others.

Watch God unleash His mighty word into your world today!

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