Created for the Impossible

"Krissy Nelson draws you into a deeper understanding of your relationship with God. As you watch this course, I pray that you will know the profound love God has for you and the huge destiny over your life. You really are created for the impossible." - Heidi G. Baker

There is a major hindrance that keeps Christ-followers from actually walking in the miraculous power that God has made available—the thoughts they agree with.

In the Created for the Impossible Video Teaching Series, Krissy Nelson draws from her history of powerful God-encounters and shares relevant Biblical accounts. These are not mere stories—they are invitations for you to start hearing words of hope spoken straight from Heaven over you: “My child, you can do anything; nothing is impossible for you!”

Learn how to:

  • Identify thoughts of fear, unbelief, and shame so you can quickly shut down the attacks of the enemy
  • Exchange wrong thoughts for what God says about you and learn how to let His promises supernaturally adjust your thinking
  • Watch as your beliefs about God, your identity, and your calling agree with what God says

God is daring you to dream again! If you only accomplish what seems possible to you then you will never cross the threshold into the impossible things God specializes in!

Start believing and embrace the miraculous life God has for you!

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